We use Dahua Technology, leading brand in security camera systems for residential and commercial use.  It has adaptive system that helps future proof your security system investment.  The cameras are mounted on the perimeter of your house are calculated to optimise angle capture viewing and deter possible intruders. The cctv cameras are wired back to a small hard drive unit and a small flat-screen monitor (optional) that can be sited in the kitchen or study.  On-site view is traditional type of monitoring, while remote viewing, you’ll be able to view the footage from any location with Internet access.

The benefit of having safe and secure house, is the peace of mind you experience all through out the year. It does not have to cost a fortune to secure your house and deter would be intruders.   Statistics prove houses with CCTV cameras and alarm system have less crimes incidents because intruders will go for houses that do not have security system. 

 CCTV System. Fully installed
From  $1495.00

We use Bosch -Invested for life, leading brand in security alarm sensor systems for residential and commercial use. 


A common misconception; the more you pay the more you get.  But the trust is you are paying for more markup and not for more security.  You should not have to pay more.  We cut out the middlemen, so you get award winning technology at fair and honest prices.  Our professional security system installers, you get the benefit of fast, quick and neat installation of your choice of alarm systems.

ALARM System
Fully installed
From  $990.00
Fully installed
From  $950.00

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