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Residential Installation Intercom System
From $950.00

We tailor fit each intercom system according to your residential home.  Security is what we do and always will be.  Face to face interaction has never been more critical than today.  Video or Speaker intercom system allows you to see and speak to whoever is at your door.  It gives you security to screen the people at the door before you engage with them. Therefore, any untoward incident of forced entry can be avoided.​

Hypower Security will find the best solutions and recommend the perfect security intercom system based on your property and circumstances

VIDEO INTERCOM - Wifi Indoor Monitor
Wi-Fi Indoor Monitor
  • 7" TFT Capacitive touch screen, 1024x600
  • IPC surveillance
  • 6ch wired alarm integration, 6ch wireless alarm integration(433MHZ)
  • Micro SD card optional, max 32GB
  • Record & Snapshot(SD card needed)


IP Villa Outdoor Station & Indoor Monitor

IP Villa Indoor Station
  • 2MP CMOS Camera
  • Mechanical button
  • Night vision and voice indicator
  • 160 degrees wide angle view
  • Aluminium alloy plate
IP Indoor Monitor
  • IPC Surveillance
  • Alarm Integration
  • High performance
  • Embeded 8GB SD card
  • Support Standard PoE


8 Inch Digital Outdoor Station

  • Anodized aluminium alloy middle frame
  • 8 inch capacitive touch screen and high definition IPS screen; resolution: 800 (H)×1280 (V)
  • Password and card unlock
  • Full duplex communication
  • Outdoor stations can be managed through the platform; voice communication between mobile app and platform
  • 2 MP low illuminance wide dynamic dual camera; white light fill light and IR fill light, fill light brightness can be adjusted
  • Support duress alarm, tamper alarm, and fire alarm
  • IK07; IP66 (Apply silica gel to gaps between the device and the wall. Liquid sodium silicate is recommended. For details, see the quick start guide.)
  • Surface mount and flush mount
8 Inch Digital Outdoor Station Hypower Logo
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2 Wire Ip Indoor Monitor


2-Wire IP Indoor Monitor

  • 7" TFT Capacitive touch screen
  • IPC surveillance(VTNS1006A-2 needed)
  • Alarm integration
  • Micro SD card optional, max 32GB
  • Record & Snapshot(SD card needed)
Intercom Home Installation System
  • Keep your family safe and secure
  • Keep your property protected
  • It does not cost a fortune to stay safe
  • Professional Security System Installers
  • Neat and quick installation
  • Flexible prices
  • Wide range of choice of security system
  • Servicing greater Melbourne Areas
  • 3 year warranty
Intercom Home Installation System
Intercom Datasheet 01
  • Data sheet
  • WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n
  • PoE
  • All Directional Microphone
  • Touchscreen
  • Integration Support
  • Built-in Loudspeaker
Intercom Datasheet 02
  • Data sheet
  • High Definition camera; WDR
  • PoE
  • Two way-voice call
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Integration Support
  • 3D noise reduction
Intercom Datasheet 03
  • Data sheet
  • 8 inch capacitive touch screen
  • IP66
  • -20°C to +60°C operating temperature range
  • Tamper Alarm
  • Touch Keyboard
Intercom Datasheet 04
  • Data sheet
  • 7 inch TFT capacitive touch screen
  • Full digital
  • 60 Degrees wide angle
  • All Directional Microphone
  • Two-way directional talk
Benefits of an Intercom

Intercom systems automatically take your home security to the next level and make it more advanced in its outlook. The system is designed in such a way that it brings in a connection between the outer front door and the home interiors by using speakers and microphones. Thus, whenever someone presses your doorbell, you are instantly alerted and you can directly speak to the visitor and ask them to introduce themselves. Being a two-way communication device, intercom also allows the visitor to answer back to you. this way, any dangerous incident of forced entry can be avoided.

Even for a world where it is becoming more and more difficult to find cheaper insurance covers, having a professional installed intercom system can result in better deal. Some insurance service providers recognize the importance of this added barrier to burglary and attract and most of them will be willing to lower your premiums.

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